Rules + Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Rules

All participants of this competition must comply with the conditions laid out in this section, as well as the 'Competition Brief'. Participants who fail to do so shall be liable to be disqualified from this competition. By taking part in this competition, each participant accepts and agrees to be bound by all requirements and terms and conditions in this section, as well as the 'Competition Brief'.   


The competition is open to all designers, planners, urban designers, architects, students and / or anyone related to the real estate industry from anywhere in the world above 18 years of age. Employees and staff of ArcDeck are not eligible for participation in this competition. 



The sponsors of this competition will protect the integrity of its process. Competitors must not communicate with any member of the judging panel about the competition in any way until a public announcement of the winners is made. Any competitor or member of the judging panel found in active violation of this rule will be disqualified immediately. All entries must be submitted without any marks, logos, insignia, company / participant name, or writing on the display surfaces that identify their authorship. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to immediate disqualification.

Original content

At ArcDeck, we take plagiarism very seriously. By submitting entry to any of our competitions, participants warrant that the Competition Material being submitted by them is original and previously unpublished anywhere in any publication - in print, soft copy or online. Please do not submit anything that may have been copied, inspired or can be otherwise established as being unoriginal. ArcDeck will NOT be responsible for any content submitted by participants which violates the above rules or for any punitive action, claims, damages, attorney fees arising out of breach of these Rules.


No return of entries

All submitted entries (including all drawings, photographs, photocopies, and other physical materials submitted as entries) to the competition (the "Competition Materials") will become the property of ArcDeck and will not be returned. 


Ownership and Copyright

All Competition Materials will become the property of ArcDeck without any compensation or payment to the participants, and ArcDeck may retain and use the Competition Materials for any purposes. Each participant warrants that the Competition Materials submitted by him/her are his/her original works and he/she is the copyright owner of these Competition Materials. By participating in the competitions held by ArcDeck, each participant agrees that ArcDeck shall have the licence and right to use and reproduce his/her Competition Materials for purposes of promotional, non-commercial, research and development, training or educational purposes in perpetuity without any compensation or payment to him/her. Except for the licence and right for ArcDeck to use and reproduce the Competition Materials as provided above, each participant will retain copyright of all their materials.


Online Publication

ArcDeck may exhibit the entries of all award winners OR a selection of key entries at its discretion in an online publication following the competition.



The decisions of ArcDeck's judging panel are final and shall not be negotiated, contested, reviewed, challenged or appealed against by any party through any means or process whatsoever.


Participants shall indemnify ArcDeck and be solely responsible for any claims, liability, damages, punitive action arising due to breach of any of these conditions.


ArcDeck reserves the right to amend these Rules at any time without notice.


2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Will the winning ideas from the Competition be implemented?

No. There is no intent to implement ANY design idea held or submitted on This is a platform for generating design ideas only.

  • Am I allowed to submit multiple entries?

No. Only one entry is allowed per registration. Each participant will receive a unique registration code via email.

  • Can two or more persons participate as a team?

Yes. You may participate as a team but we will allow only one entry / submission per registration and any one person from the team should register. If your entry wins, we will send an email requesting details of all participants and will give due credit for the same. Note that the submitted entry should not contain any names of teams / firms or individuals on the sheet except for the unique code provided to you upon registration via email.


  • Is there any geographical location or region from where entries are invited?

No. The competition is open to all designers, planners, urban designers, architects, students and / or anyone related to the real estate industry from anywhere in the world above 18 years of age. Registration and submission guidelines should be adhered to as laid out in the 'Competition Brief' document. 


  • What happens to my entry after the competition is over?

The winning entries and selected submissions may become part of an online publication following the completion of the competition. Details on the publication will be announced at a later date on our website as well as our social media handles. Please note that all materials submitted to the competition will become the property of ArcDeck and will not be returned. Each participant will retain copyright of their materials unless otherwise assigned.


  • I still have unanswered queries, where do I direct my questions to?

Please email us at: