We're thrilled to announce that Round 1 of Design Dialogue at ArcDeck is now live! Click here to view selected entries from Round 1.

In an endeavor to further a dialogue around design and our built environment, we are introducing "Design Dialogue" as an ongoing feature on our website. This would be a collection of essays, images, sketches, renderings, thoughts or even architectural photography along with author's commentary.


If you want to be featured, please send us soft copy of your entry (one entry per person) with the following format:

  1. Image or collage of images showing architectural concepts, ideas, renderings or abstract representation;

  2. Sketch or sketches of built environment;

  3. Image from your design thesis / dissertation (single image or collage of images);

  4. Architectural / design-related / design critique or essay with maximum 500 words.


We are looking for interesting thoughts, ideas, concepts, thesis, essays or a thought-provoking architectural image along with up to 500-word description. Our panel will select the most interesting ones and feature them on our website on a new page - which is currently under development. The entries are open to anyone from around the world above the age of 18 from the field of architecture, design, planning, urban design or from real estate professionals.

Important notes:

  1. The entry is free and open to anyone above the age of 18 from around the world - students as well as professionals - from the field of design, planning or real estate.

  2. One entry per person.

  3. The entries need to be original, unpublished work. Please refer to our FAQs here about copyrights and plagiarism before submitting.

  4. Submit original image(s), sketch(es) or rendering(s) with a layout of maximum A1 size - JPG or PDF format along with a maximum 500-word description.

  5. Submit original text or word document, design narrative, critique, essay or commentary with maximum 500 words.

  6. Combined file size of ALL files being submitted shall not exceed 10MB.


We are seeking original design works, renderings, animations and / or sketches per the rules above.

Please submit your entries here via Google Forms (one entry per person / team / firm): Link to Google Form

Thank you.



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ArcDeck.net is an exclusive online platform for generating interesting, contextual and thought-provoking ideas by way of crowd-sourcing design concepts, challenges and projects. We seek truly radical / interesting ideas with intent to generate fresh perspectives and challenge the status quo within the design industry. We do not intend to realize any of the ideas but further the design dialogue in our built environment.

Read our FAQs for more info by clicking here.

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